Recreational Facilities
- Large swimming pool including child pool and jacuzzi surrounded by beautiful landscape and waterfall
- Fitness room, sauna, games room and snooker room.

Catering facilities
- Sea View lobby lounge and poolside bar
- Sea view coffee shop

Car parking
- Car parks are available.

The Perfect "Home" of Your Dream

Experience the simple and peaceful life at...SUNSET RESIDENCE on Phuket Island. It offers you a residence amidst the resourcefulness of natural resource and the availability of all the conveniences offers by the Project that creates an atmosphere that is complete with an idyllic surrounding of plant species. At night, the waves make the natural music that lulls you to your sweet slumber, and during the day, the mood changes to the pleasing sound of waterfall that is only at your arm's length.

With the perfect combination in the proximity of nature, today...SUNSET RESIDENCE is ready to be the perfect home of your dream.